In 1995. group of distinguished Yugoslav Martial Arts experts, representing various Martial Arts (Aikido, Aiki Budo, Hapkikwan, Ninjutsu, Taekwondo...) unified in Yugoslav Martial Arts Association (YMMA). Very soon YMAA justified its existence, ensuring many ways of mutual cooperation and particularly organizing national and international seminars. Finally organization has grown out its initial ambitions, which led to its transformation in 2000. into International Combat Union (ICU).


International Combat Union (ICU) is an international non-profit organization whose purpose is to bring together distinguished Martial Artists from different countries and belonging to different styles (Martial Arts).
Organization does not exercise any press on its members. Rather, it serves to help them to better know each other, and develop friendship and cooperation on the basis of free will. There are no strict obligations, except the one that all members must respect each other and safeguard high moral standards and good name of the ICU and its members.



Headquarters are in Belgrade (Serbia) and soon Copenhagen (Denmark)







Serge-Baubil1-mala Mr. Serge BAUBIL
 Mr. Sefik GULTEN
Yuriy-Kostrov-mala Prof. Yuriy KOSTROV
Alexey-Kunin-mala Prof. Alexey KUNIN
Dejan Mikic

Mr. Dejan MIKIC

Nebojsa-Milosevic-mala Mr. Nebojsa MILOSEVIC
oleg-onopenko-small Mr. Oleg ONOPCHENKO
GilbertoPauciullo01-mala  Prof. Gilberto PAUCIULLO



Secretary General:




Governing body:

Mr. Serge BAUBIL (Canada),
Prof. Sefik GULTEN (Turkey),
Prof. Yuriy KOSTROV (Ukraine),
Prof. Boris KRIVOKAPIC (Serbia),
Prof. Alexey KUNIN (USA),
Mr. Dejan MIKIC (Serbia),
Mr. Nebojsa MILOSEVIC (Serbia),
Mr. Oleg ONOPCHENKO (Latvia),
Prof. Gilberto PAUCIULLO (Italy),
Mr. Goran STURANOVIC (Danmark)